3 Pentacles

I call architecture frozen music. ~
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The Aquatic Tarot

This card belongs to the second (Taurus) decan of Capricorn, 10-19.59º. The Sun travels through this part of the zodiac from approximately January 1-10, depending on the year. Venus rules the Taurus decan, adding beauty and camaraderie to Capricorn’s emphasis on structure and endurability.



Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.
~ George S. Patton

New Palladini Tarot

New Palladini Tarot

Leo, the Lion
July 20 – August 22

Temperance and the Knight of Wands

“Temperance is reason’s girdle and passion’s bridle, the strength of the soul and the foundation of virtue.”
~ Jeremy Taylor

The Eileen Connolly Tarot

Both cards are associated with Sagittarius,
November 22 – December 21

Empress Reversed

I’m always trying to turn things upside down and see if they look any better. ~ Tibor Kalman

Rider-Waite Deck

Venus Retrograde
July 25 – September 6, 2015

When doing an astrological reading, consider reading a reversed planetary card as that planet in retrograde motion. The tarot assigns Venus to The Empress card, representing creativity, material abundance, and relationships.

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Queen of Wands

A true diva has dismissed that drama. A true diva’s heart is open and she’s ready to play by her own rules ~ rules that are gentle and kind. ~ Jenifer Lewis, actress

Robin Wood Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

Queen of Wands, Leo

The Heirophant ~ Taurus

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
~ Winston Churchill

hierophant hanson roberts

Hanson Roberts Deck

The Moon is in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus today which corresponds with the major arcana card, The Hierophant. Taurus needs stability, comfort, and financial security, often finding these in tradition or heritage. The Moon is very happy in Taurus because the fixed earth calms the changeable Moon, settling her emotional nature.